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Tenafly Tiger Athletics

Tenafly HS & MS Sports ... Go Tigers!


Tenafly Tiger Athletics

Tenafly HS & MS Sports ... Go Tigers!

Tenafly Tiger Athletics

Tenafly HS & MS Sports ... Go Tigers!

Geissinger Football Field /Track

Light and Sound Guidelines for Geissinger Field

Permit required for use of the field other than the schools

Light Curfew:

Monday-Saturday, 10 pm; exceptions can be made on an individual basis (i.e. game is running 10 minutes past 10 pm). Lights are only on when the field is in use

Sunday, no lights unless the Superintendent makes an exception

Holidays and Major District Events – list to be determined (no night games or night practices)

District will notify the town if we are using field lights on the field on Sunday

No field lights from December 1 to March 1 unless the Superintendent makes an exception

Practice lights should be used for all games except varsity games

Snow covered fields – no lights and field is closed

PA System:

Sports: Only to be used by the schools for varsity football games

Warm up music before soccer and Lacrosse games on a lower decibel

– not before 9 am and not after 7 pm; except on Sunday - not before 11 am

Special events as determined by the Superintendent

No outside sound can be brought in unless approved by the Superintendent for a special event.


No restrictions except on 5 football evening games when emergency signs will be posted for ‘no parking’ on the North side of Sunset

Busses will have a designated spot to park off of Sunset


When there is an inter-scholastic sports event on the field ( including practices) no one can use the track

Track is open from dawn to 10 PM Monday-Saturday and from dawn to dusk on Sunday.

Track is closed when it is snow covered – no lights


As part of this project landscaping will be enhanced

Field Usage:

To be determined by BOE permit process

Field is closed when snow covered – no lights
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